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How to Hand Milk a Dairy Goat.

For those who want to milk their own goats, there are two basic ways to go about getting milk from the goat to the glass: milking by hand or machine. 

Either method has its own benefits or consequences, and there are some basic rules to know and some equipment needed. Hand milking is often the best choice for the small farmer who has one or two goats to milk twice daily for personal consumption. For beginning milkers, it is important to find a teacher to demonstrate or assist with proper hand milking techniques. It can be a difficult technique for some to pick up, and it takes perseverance on the part of the human, and understanding and patience on the part of the goat to be milked.

Kristina Harlow, from Harlow Hills, has put together an illustrated "How To" that you can print off (pdf) . If you are new to raising milk goats, check out our membership list and call someone in your area. Many may be willing to let you watch them, with advance notice.

You can also attend our upcoming conference. We often have sessions on the basics of raising goats.