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annual goat show

The Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association holds a yearly ADGA-sanctioned show where owners of registered dairy goatsĀ are welcome to bring their goats to show and compete.

If you are new to the dairy goat community, Welcome!

At first glance, a dairy goat show looks like a beauty pageant for goats. In reality, the purpose of a show is to select animals which come closest to the ideal of sound, productive type.

This years Senior Doe and Junior Doe Show: June 3 and 4, 2017.

UPDATE Wednesday May31: Entries after today will be charged a late fee.
Email your entry form to the show secretary tonight as the class list will be compiled Thursday June 1.

Late, day of show entries will all be accepted. Bring completed entry form with you.

Oregon State Fairgrounds, Livestock Pavilion.
2330 17th Street NE Salem, OR
(Enter fairgrounds from the north, Lana Ave & Silverton Rd.)

2017 Show will have Nubian and Oberhasli specialties.

Saturday, June 3, 2017
8 AM - Senior Doe Show, followed by Junior Doe Show
Todd Biddle, PA (Ring 1) D7 Oberhasli specialty
Kris Fraley, TX (Ring 2) D7 Nubian specialty

Sunday, June 4, 2017 8:30 AM
Joan Dean Rowe, CA (Ring 1) and
Cathy Pindell, ID (Ring 2)

Show Co-Chairs: Tracey Jones, 503-873-8512 or 503-508-0921
Chris Strickland, 503-407-9875, christilynn@wavecable.com
Show Secretary: Jeanne White, 503-829-5967 or whaven@hotmail.com

The attached 2017 Show Form (PDF) lists all the class and schedule information you will need to enter.
If you need more information, please call the show secretary. word doc version

2017 Show Entry Form | word doc format

Fill out paper entry form and mail it in with your payment [check]
~~ OR ~~
Fill out paper entry form, using the download link above, and click here to make an Online Payment.
You will need to make a copy of your online payment and then send it in your entry form.


If you would like to make a donation, sponsor a class, please use this button.
Add a note on the Paypal invoice indicating what your donation is meant to cover.