32nd Annual Goat Education Conference! Sat., Feb. 29, 2020


Please continue to support or sponsors and vendors through-out the year.

Stay tuned for next year's information.  Scheduled for Saturday, February 27, 2021.


Clackamas County Fair and Event Center

694 NE 4th Ave

Canby, OR 97013 

Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association invites you to a fun filled day of goat education & learning! A wide variety of classes for goat owners of all kinds! Whether you are a beginner, a 4-Her, or an advanced goat owner, there is something for everyone!  Adult ($40)  Youth ($20)

Session Topics:

 Jena Williams - Culling - Using Your Own Decision Tree to Decide
Cristin Sullivan - Milking Basics - All Your Questions Answered
Mark Baden - Buck Selection and Mammary Systems
Dr Susan Kerr - Buying Healthy Does & Keeping them that Way
Brandi Giachino - Ultrasound Basics
Amy Akramaff - Feet and Legs:  Structure to Longevity
Tammi Paul - Cheese Making - Ricotta, Mozzarella

 Alex Appleman - Cheese Making - Feta, Juustoleipa 2 part class
Erin Healy - Soap Making and Goat Milk Lotion
Teresa Wade - Buck Care & Management and Semen Handling & Tank Maintenance
Lorrie Conway - Finances of Keeping Goats
Mary Smallman - Fecals (two sessions)
Jenifer Cruickshank - Mastitis & Udder Health and Newborn Kid Care
Dr Ann Schwarz - Adult Basics (Injections, Blood Draws, Testing)
Rick Ius - Clipper Basics
Dr Charles Estill - Internal Parasitism of Goats and Biosecurity & Goat Diseases
Mariah Paul Bryant - Dairy Goat Showmanship

 Kayla Boyd - Dairy Goat Fitting
Alyse Armstrong - Market Goat Selection
Lisa Shepard - ADGA Performance Programs and PTI/PTA Explained
Lorrie Conway - Sustainable Farming with Goats, 2 part class
Gene Pirelli - Pasture Management and Ruminant Minerals
Susan Phillips, Lori Townsend - Kid Basics (Disbud, Tattoo, Wether)
Dr Ann Schwarz - Homeopathy on the Ranch
Kathy Sackman - DHIA Tester Training 2 part class (bring $15 for ref book)

 Chaim Wolin - Butchering / Cooking Goat Meat
Amy Wolf - Fiber Goats and Mohair Craft (bring $5 for materials)
Melanie Fergason - Dairy Goat Photography and Dairy Goat Conformation
Taffy Mercer - Goat Packing, 2 part class
Alexy Terry - Meat Goat Fitting and Showmanship
Dr Susan Kerr - Youth Games and Necropsy
Emily Healy - Fizzy Bombs and Pictionary

Sponsors and Vendors

We appreciate the assistance we receive from our sponsors and vendors - many of whom have been with us for years.  Please visit and give them your business as they support the goat community.

2020 Sponsors

Coastal Farm and Ranch

Dark Horse Solutions

Karmadillo Press

Oregon Meat Goat Producers

Simple Pulse

Twin Pear Farm

Union Mills Feed

2020 Vendors

Amily's Creations

Bio-Genics Semen/Buck Collection

Caprine Images

Cherry Canyon Goats

Edenn Valley Soap

Fir Meadow

HRD Design

John's Fabrication

MeadowMist Fecal Lab Service


Tami Parr - Author

Trinity Valley Ranch

Two Track Farm

Wine Country Goat Club

ON-SITE Food Vendors:

Viking 4H Club for breakfast & snacks

Double AA Catering for lunch

 ** ON-SITE: DHI Milk Scale Certification done by Willamette DHIA office from 10a - 2p ($10 Fee)

and Blade Sharpening by Rick's Mobile Sharpening (prices vary) **

Also On-Site - Two ATM's (located in the Main Pavilion and in Clackamas Hall)

Print our 2020 NWODGA GOAT EDUCATION DAY Flyer below!

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