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 "DHI Milk Testing For Dummies"
​A wonderful and helpful Blog by Melody Shaw of Narrow Gate Nigerians

I was randomly cruising Facebook one day checking out DHI and Milk testing posts and came across this absolutely FANTASTIC "DHI for Dummies" blog post from Melody Shaw of Narrow Gate Nigerians. Melody was happy to share her post with us in order to help breeders get into the game of MILK TESTING! I wish I had this article when I started! It's a fantastic and detailed how-to article!  Thank you Melody!

Click here to read the "DHI Milk Testing for Dummies" article and ENJOY!!

OREGON DHIA office info:
Willamette DHIA (we use Willamette)
3979 Silverton Rd NE 
Salem, OR 97305
Phone: 503-362-1880
Fax: 503-362-2051
Email: office@wdhia.org

Washington DHIA (Click here for link to their website)
Office:  Local: (360) 755-0375
Field Manager: Dale McKernan (360) 391-0297 dairy.dhia@wa-dhia.com
Lab Manager: Julie Barnes (360)391-0778 (cell), Lab.dhia@wa-dhia.com
Mailing Address: PO Box 528, Burlington WA 98233-0528
Shipping Address: 105 South Pine Street, Burlington, WA 98233-1942‎

A fantastic Webinar from ADGA about getting started on DHI Milk Testing!
Webinar #1, Starting DHI

* A great easy step by step "How to Get Started" PDF from ADGA website

* Detailed explanation to filling out your DHIR data/paperwork from ADGA website

* Click here for a list of the DHI Record Plan choices from the ADGA Website

Click here for a link to all National DHIA labs in the USA: National DHIA

* And here is ADGA's list of DHIA Offices across the US 

Click here for the ADGA 10 Basic Steps to DHIA article on the ADGA website: "Steps for ADGA DHIR"